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Founders and high-profile animal breeders

In 1988, following our passion for PONs, we began breeding these shepherd dogs and were absolute pioneers with the breed in the German-speaking area. A little later Samoyed based on U.S. champion lines and finally Lhasa-Apsos, a Tibetan breed over two thousand years old, which is considered the “ambassador of happiness”.

After more than ten years of worldwide research and thorough preparation, we opened the AlpaSuri alpaca farm in 2016. Our vision is to build the herd with the world’s best genetics. The fact that many of our animals have meanwhile achieved top positions at international exhibitions is an incentive and confirmation for us.

In all our activities, we always strive for absolute quality in care and rearing. We apply the highest quality standards and give our animals special veterinary care that far exceeds the usual level. We want to consistently continue along this path with our horse breeding.

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